Ontario Taking Steps to Prevent Auto Theft in Windsor

Automated licence plate recognition technology will help fight crime and enhance public safety

    NEWS RELEASE November 22, 2022

Windsor — The Ontario government is providing the Windsor Police Service with $1,492,628.00to help fight crime, including auto theft.

The Windsor Police Service will use the funding to enhance their Automated Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology – a system that consists of cameras that automatically scan licence plates. The system is installed in or on active-duty police cruisers and alerts officers to stolen or expired plates, or plates registered to suspended drivers. The system can also notify officers of missing and wanted persons and vehicles associated with AMBER alerts.

“The Ontario Government’s continuing investments in technology supporting the Windsor Police Service in their fight against crime is welcome news,” said Andrew Dowie, Windsor—Tecumseh Member of Provincial Parliament.  “Enhancing our Automated Licence Plate Recognition Technology ensures that our front-line officers are equipped with the tools to support recovering and returning stolen vehicles to the victims of these crimes.”  

The Automated Licence Plate Recognition Technology Grant is a one-time grant to help police services strengthen roadside law enforcement efforts and improve public safety across the province.

“This kind of smart policing project helps the Windsor Police detect and thwart auto thefts in our City. Using technology to help alert police officers patrolling our streets that the vehicles parked or passing by may have been stolen is a great tool that will help support efforts to deter automobile thefts.” said Windsor Mayor and Chair of the Police Services Board, Drew Dilkens.

“This investment further demonstrates our government’s plan to ensure police services across Ontario have the resources and equipment they need to keep our communities safe,” said Solicitor General Michael Kerzner. “I am confident that this tool will be a tremendous asset to police services and help them combat incidents of auto theft and enhance public safety.”


  • ALPR technology is a system of cameras and supporting software that captures licence plate information and immediately compares plate numbers to a Ministry of Transportation (MTO) database with vehicle and vehicle owner information. It also has the capability of capturing vehicles of interest (e.g., amber alerts, stolen vehicles, suspended driver(s), etc.).
  • ALPR technology does not detect moving violations such as speeding, going through a red light or stop sign, and distracted driving.
  • The investment in ALPR technology supports Ontario’s recent move to eliminate licence plate renewal fees and stickers for passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks, motorcycles and mopeds by allowing licence plate information to be read automatically without requiring an officer to see a physical licence sticker to validate a vehicle.

Paul Synnott

Executive Assistant Andrew Dowie, MPP


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